Derivation: It's a family thing.

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I created Young, Black, and Educated, also known as: YB&E because I was inspired by my parents who are entrepreneurs as well. Before YB&E, I worked retail, which I did not mind doing, but once I transferred to a different location, I lost the passion for what I did due to...others. Therefore, I quit and became my own boss; the hours are great and I go on break whenever I please!

My parents own The Formalwear Store located in Miami, Fl which is a black and family-owned business which is where I grew up with my sister and a family friend who may as well be a sister. We sell dresses as well as rent and sell tuxedos for all formal occasions. Before The Formalwear Store, they sold African attire which is now run by my grandmother. Check us out on Instagram by clicking here: 2CuteAfricanStore.

Remember I said I have a sister; she just started a blog about everyday life at home with her offspring ages seven, five, and four as well as her husband who are high school sweethearts. Check it out here for some comic relief: Seriously9426

Umoja is one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa which is the Swahili word for "unity". We are one, we lift each other up so that we can all rise together. 

Young, Black, and Educated as a black and family-owned business is to promote unity among US.


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